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At Suite Shots, the fun shouldn't just be limited to what the weather will allow or who enjoys swinging a club. In addition to all of the various venue spaces to enjoy at Suite Shots, there is another entertainment option to appeal to everyone. Don't let the winter months, rainy days or desire to not tee off trap you at home when Suite Shots has a full range of activities and a simulator experience to fill your desire to something new and exciting. Grab some friends and come experience our Full Swing Simulator!

Something for Everyone!
It's More Than Just Golf...

We are excited to be partnering with Full Swing Golf for our 5 indoor simulation Suites.. Full Swing simulators feature two advanced tracking technologies that work together to produce the most realistic ball tracking data in the industry. It’s considered the industry leading technology being used by Professional golfers, including Tiger Woods!
It’s more than just Golf… Our indoor simulators will provide the most interactive entertainment experience. You will be able to play multiple sports on our Sims including, football, hockey, soccer, dodgeball, basketball, and baseball. Our simulators provide the ultimate interactive entertainment experience.

Bar Sim
Various Simulator Experiences
people in lounge using simulator for football game
MultiSport Software

The MultiSport Software brings an interactive gameplay experience for everyone, golfers and non-golfers alike. You can compete against the computer or take on your friends head-to-head in over 13 different interactive experiences ranging from football, baseball, soccer, zombie dodgeball and more!

people in lounge using golf simulator
PGA 7th
PGA overhead
Sawgrass 17
Pebble 8th
Showdown Golf

Of course, what would a simulator be without a way to show off your golf game? The Full Swing Simulator offers Showdown Golf, which is the perfect way to compete against your friends or computer. The simulator offers various competitions and skill contests to keep you swinging all year long. With leaderboards, dramatic landscapes and multiple arcade modes, Showdown Golf has something for everyone!