When you think “Golf and Entertainment” the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t “Seasonal Scratch Kitchen” but at Suite Shots that’s exactly what you’ll find!  Kitchen Supervisors work to assist our Chef Team in running shifts, driving food quality and productivity while making sure to promote a fun and healthy work environment.  Our cooks work hard daily to prep everything from our signature double smash burgers and jumbo wings to homemade soup and fresh salads.  We cook it to order and take great pride in the fare our guests enjoy while they visit us.  Cooks at Suite Shots are expected to work as a team with a commitment to quality and safety and to have some FUN while they do it!  

We promote FUN and EXCELLENCE in the kitchen…and some friendly competition! 

Key Responsibilities

  • Willingness to learn how we do things, while still bringing your own experience and personal style to the plate
  • Lead Heart of the House shifts with a positive and productive approach!
  • Hold PM team accountable to firm Safety and Sanitations standards using established systems
  • Close the kitchen following our firm safety and sanitation standards
  • Always work with quality and safety at the forefront of your mind
  • Embrace the ONE TEAM philosophy- it’s not front vs back at Suite Shots, we support each other and work together to best take care of our guests

Key Qualifications

  • Meet the physical requirements to hold the position: lift 50 lbs, stand for extended periods of time, bend with a reasonable range of motion
  • Great communication skills- you will need to be able to be a bridge to Front of House staff in a productive way as well as being a positive influence to your Teammates
  • Be willing to work nights, weekends, and some holidays
  • Positive attitude is non negotiable!  If you are carrying a chip on your shoulder from years of bad bosses and grumpy servers, leave it at the door we do it different here
  • Leadership experience is great but not required.  We will gladly train anyone who commits to learning our systems and buys into our culture.
  • Have FUN!  Cooking is fun.  That’s why we do it.


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